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Jerry Brown beat a tsunami of eBay billionaire Meg Whitman's personal money and a national anti-Democrat tide to become the new Governor of California. But Jerry always been a leader in tech and politics. He was the first politician to use an “800” number to raise funds, and during his 1992 campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination he accepted contributions no larger than $100. For his AG site, Jerry required a creative solution that transcended the hackneyed red, white and blue, "wrapped in the flag" look. Experience Strategist Brooks Cole proposed a no-nonsense "look me in the eye" photo direction of Jerry Brown, the "elder statesman," and invented a Flash timeline to enshrine Jerry's vast repository of photos of his life of public service.

To highlight Jerry’s extensive qualifications (such as working with leaders from Mother Teresa to Cesar Chavez), Brooks developed an interactive flash timeline to demonstrate Jerry’s experience and leadership throughout his career. Jerry called it his "CV," noting that "Curriculum Vitae" translates from Latin into "The Race of Life."

JerryBrown-HomePage-by-HoloCosmosBy February 2006, Jerry Brown’s website developed into thriving community of over 1500 “Friends of Jerry” that have been sharing the site with their friends, connecting with each other, and raising thousands of dollars online each week, affirming the power of community and group-forming networks. On March 3rd, the site was awarded "site of the day" by Politics1.

Internet Strategist, Henri Poole proposed the technical strategy. Combining the power Drupal with two new modules, CiviCRM (for Constituent Relationship Management) and ForwardPledge, for friend-to-friend viral messaging, CivicActions could build a campaign website with a cutting-edge social networking approach.

JerryBrown-MotherTeresa-by-HoloCosmosWithin Jerry’s site, volunteers created a unique user profile, upload their picture, link their profile with other users, and join “communities” associated with the campaign, such as “Students for Jerry”. The site also incorporates a unique interactive “points” system to give incentives to volunteers to “endorse” Jerry and pass campaign messages to their friends to gain rewards.
































Producer: Henri Poole, CivicActions
Creative Director, Information Architect, Flash Animator, Visual Designer: Brooks Cole
Engineering: CivicActions