H O M E | A B O U T | V I S I O N | W O R K S | T E A M | C O N T A C T

HoloCosmos was approached by an entrepreneur looking to create a line of energy-balanced, conscious cosmetics for the LOHAS market, inspired by Chinese herbology and Eastern transformative practices. Our solution is an image that came to me in a dream the night after we spoke about the opportunity with the client. The circle of hands is a symbolic modernization of the 1,000 compassionate hands of Avalolkitesvara, the universal symbol of compassionate outreach that has crossed the East from India to China and Tibet and Japan, morphing from Man to Woman and back and now has come, with the Dharma, in the incarnation of the Dalai Lama, to the West. It can also be interpreted non-spiritually, as a luminescent circle of healing hands, combining light, touch, and humanity in one encircling expression.


Creative Director/Producer/Animator: Brooks Cole
Web Guru: Mihai Manoliu