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HP Boomerang

Digital has turned media inside out, businesses upside down. Traditional approaches to the industry are wilting while new ones are growing geometrically with innovations that redefine our world like Google, YouTube, MySpace and WikiPedia. The landscape has undeniably changed and constant innovation has come to define vital health. The ability to “see new” and “be new” are today’s keys to a kingdom of unfolding possibility.

For over fifteen years Holocosmos has helped our clients be at the forefront of digital media innovation: The first 32-bit full-motion interactive TV Guide for News Corporation's TV Guide OnScreen; the first iTV pizza ordering UI for TimeWarner/Pizza Hut; the first self-explaining virtual Printers for Hewlett-Packard; the design for the first interactive TV Cartoon and Game network for Microsoft; the first spatial navigator for movies on demand for DIVA and the first dynamic Flash communicator for employees of GE Capital and GE Commercial Finance. We created a visualization of a navigable planet interface five years before Google Earth and we hold and have applied our groundbreaking patent for the visual navigation of information objects. And this is just the beginning…

Holocosmos reads deeply into the culture of our clients. We offer original digital innovations that both expand the horizon and reflect your company’s core values. We are agile facilitators who help put clients on the map and we are cartographers that map and define the new topographies. As purveyors of universal uniqueness we know that like us, you relish in catalyzing and creating the next wave. Are you ready?