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British Telecom
HP Boomerang

Imagination rendered into Form.

Every manufactured object that shapes the experience of our lives started as an idea, an inspiration a design of mind. The journey from concept to manufactured product represents the accrued energy of many individuals, a testament to collective and individual vision.

Here at Holocosmos we celebrate the activation of imagination, the creative actualization that renders design into product. We understand that metadesign, the new design of the 21 st century, goes far beyond form and functionality. Metadesign deeply considers the full sensorium…all five senses. It considers and makes adjustments for the ‘footprint’ in the environment at all stages: production, customer use, and disposal. Metadesign considers the deep aesthetic: how does it make us feel mentally and physically? Does it inspire our spirit? For the objects and tools we use become the textures the deeply shape our daily experience. Design shapes who we are as human beings.

Holocosmos has created innovative communication tools, web designs, and media for some of the world’s top corporate manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard and General Electric. We continue to innovate the edge and deepen the experience for both our direct clients and the end user.