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Children of the Sun

Vibrant, pulsing, breathing... expanding lucid intelligence that is both empty and full: many and one. As human beings we have been given the gift of discovery, an unfolding, an evolution of vibrant wonder that has no boundaries yet delights in the expression of form.

The question is simple: Where does the human species choose to go from here? Unfolding futures are the flowers of our collective dreams, our visions allied with the regenerating pulse of Eternal Luminosity and Wisdom.

Explore the HoloCosmos: Actualize De-Lite in Motion.

Key to the market success of products and services catering to the Conscious-Green demographic is the ability to create powerful bridges that speak both to true believers and to the wider mass market.

HoloCosmos is skilled in the art of communication: Vibrant, iconic visuals and design coupled with state-of-the-art technology solutions and succinct, powerful copy that translates new ideas into the language that everyone understands.

Our projects in this sector have included website design and publicity for sustainable energy solutions (link Energistx?), presentation and packaging of product for seminal authors such as Ken Wilber and powerful project demos for visionary artists such as Alex Gray. And this is just the beginning of the story.

For more traditional entities we will help you shape your product (in terms of design, message and technologies) to reach the rapidly growing Conscious/Green market.

For Conscious/Green Visionaries we enshrine your products and services by keeping the integrity of your message intact and vitalizing it for the mainstream market. We know you are here to ignite deep global change.

Join the (R)evolution. We invite you to let us enhance, enable, and enlighten the essence of your product’s message for maximum influence and impact.