H O M E | A B O U T | V I S I O N | W O R K S | T E A M | C O N T A C T
Children of the Sun    

The skeletal system is the structure of our body temple. Inside the hollow of our bones, in the juice of the bone marrow is a rich source of stem cells that regenerate a fertile flow of blood cells for our body.

A healthy non-profit is like fertile bone marrow, an enriching force that enables life and fluidity to key structures of society. Here deep communal health is cultivated both above and beneath the surface and when necessary innovative new structures are created.

Holocosmos is deeply committed to non-profits. We understand that resources are to be innovatively optimized and that communication is key both within the organization, to the media and to the core recipients. With visionary clients, we are developing a new generation of tools that assist non-profits in doing what they do best: create inspiration and contribute to the enrichment of the world.