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Grassland Beef

The Phoenix kisses the Redwood Tree.

Mentor, muse, mage. The mind’s eye, the second pair of eyes, the navigator, the calibrator, a potent lucid mirror that reflects the deepest essence of inspiration.

We have sailed many oceans and traversed uncharted lands. We delight in those who share our sense of high-adventure and are compelled (as are we) by unquenchable curiosity. We have a visceral knowing of the seen and unseen: we delight in the frequencies of the lines in between.

Here at Holocosmos we have a few tales to tell, many tools to share and we approach each client, each project with the beginner’s mind of an ancient-young Zen poet: What is fresh in this moment that never has been seen or experienced before?

At Holocosmos we see consulting as the fine art of amplification, navigating your vision to its most exquisite, intrinsic potential. Our job is to polish the diamond of your inspiration: your product, service and artistry. We provide clients with the templates and tools to broaden the scope of their services.