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The web is not made of paper; why do we design it like it is? Think of an on-line experience as the opportunity to turn complexity into fluid fascination and immersion. The most interesting navigation and design elements convey deep interdependence. In this new online world, the fabric of experience will be woven together dynamically on demand, shaped and created by the consumer. Here there is a deep element of self-reflection, a vital enhancement of human experience through the creation of communities. These burgeoning online communities and social networks are real communities built on trust with webs of authentic relationship.

At Holocosmos we help you apply key technologies to create the optimal playing field for your consumers. We optimize the context, a web environment where you can deeply listen and communicate with your customer’s experience and your customer can artfully engage themselves into the equation.

For over thirteen years Holocosmos has worked deeply with clients such as Microsoft, Time Warner, GE, and Hewlett Packard. We understand that in an environment where re-invention is key and traditional boundaries of communication are being turned inside out that our clients need fresh perspectives, coupled with intelligence and technical acumen. We offer our clients optimal paths by incorporating such solutions as Ajax, Flash and our propriety digital solutions. We offer our mature experience in web evolution.

We encourage client alliances where our technical expertise and innovation matches your brilliance and vision. We delight in creating consumer experiences that will catalyze the next generation of brilliance.