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General Elecric Real Estate GE NewsFlash Cobalt Sun Microsoft Whatever Channel
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HP Boomerang
ArtsFest VLSI
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Juran Institute
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The HoloCosmos Team has worked together for many years to provide full-service digital media solutions for emerging and established companies and nonprofit organizations.

Our experience and capabilities are both broad and deep, spanning branding and communications consulting, information architecture, user interface design, eMarketing, visual design and animation. We excel in "turnaround" situations in which a project needs rapid redirection and redesign to save the day.

Our most current work in Transformational Leadership has introduced us to extraordinary teachers who have stepped forward across the globe to energize us in fulfilling our potential and seizing the opportunities for a bright, new future. It is why HoloCosmos, and its partners HoloGenesis, and The Universe in You, have made the commitment to develop the tools and technology that will lead the way for personal growth and global transformation.

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Our industrial specialties include media, interactive television and broadcast, technology, financial services, consciousness, health & beauty, entertainment, non-profit and politics.

If you are interested in exploring a project development relationship, technology licensing, exchange, codevelopment, comarketing or other partnership with HoloCosmos, please contact:

Brooks Cole
CEO/Creative Director