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Quote Icon “Brooks' superlative, evocative and resonant design of our podcasting site generated instant credibility for our start up. The number of unsolicited rave comments we've received about how attractive, navigable and unique our site is has been unbelievable. Brooks has amazing talent and he's a champ at incorporating our edits and requests into his work. He's facile, soulful and a wonderful man. We adore, admire and fully support him in all his endeavors.”

-Susan Bratton CEO, Personal Life Media


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Personal Life Media is a highly established podcasting network focused on providing content to the cultural creative audience. The shows are a mix of genres that are targeting the 35+ audience.

Since 2006, Personal Life Media has turned to HoloCosmos for their design strategy, including most recently an Online Publishing and Marketing System, a Corporate Identity System, and branding for their signature EProducts System (click links for project pages).

Created by well-connected ad:tech Chair Emeritus Susan Bratton and Rhapsody creator Tim Bratton, Personal Life Media selected HoloCosmos to architect, design and build the network site, as well as to provide all branding for the the network and each of the shows, advertising, media kits, and other support materials.

The site offers over 20 weekly audio shows which can be heard online, subscribed to via RSS or accessed through iTunes. Many more shows will follow. The focus will cover personal as well as business issues. Citing the fact most podcast content today is "either tech-oriented, comedy, sports or other content focused on 18-34 year olds, re-purposed mainstream media content or poorly produced amateur junk," Personal Life Media CEO Bratton says she hopes to fill a void with personal-focused information on green living, money, motivation and a healthy collection of information to improve one's sex life. The shows are cover a range of interesting topics with titles such as Beauty Now, Living Green, Evolutionary Sales, Money Mission & Meaning, and Sex, Love and Intimacy. On the sexy, edgy side there is a show called A Taste of Sex about a group of people who live together and use sensuality as a tool for self-discovery.

Personal Life Media operates as the producer, web site and technical infrastructure, and advertsing aggregator for the network. The hosts for the shows were recruited by Susan and will receive a portion of the revenue for their work on the show.

DishyMix Album Art - Susan Bratton's PodCastSusan, a podcaster herself with a show titled DishyMix, tells me that she felt that there was a need for content that appealed to grown-ups on topics beyond tech, comedy and sports. Susan Bratton“People on the leading edge of culture, especially those in the 35-65 year old demographic are clearly underserved in podcast content today and millions of consumers are ripe for a deeply personal, authentic experience that podcasting and blogging easily deliver,” said Susan. “we are using podcasting technology to enable experts, authors, PhDs and innovators from anywhere in the world to bring their voices and inspiration directly to the issues of adults.” She focused on topics that she found personally interesting and came up with a range of topics that she thought would be appealing to the her target audience.

The network includes podcasts that discuss relationships, dating, marriage, intimacy, life purpose, wealth creation, healthy aging and longevity. Kama Sutra Additional areas of interest including life coaching, ecology, sustainable living, new music, beauty innovation and cosmetic surgery, passion at work and play, ethical sales and business practices, spirituality, personal and global transformation. Tantra, Kama Sutra and expanded lovemaking are also featured in the debut programming.

Advertisers can promote specific shows, run the network or choose to be included in a group of like themed shows. Both audio and website advertising is available.

Creative Director/Producer/Animator: Brooks Cole
Project Manager/Lead Developer: Mihai Manoliu