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Chemical Bank

Underneath the shifting sands and blazing sun of the Sahara, lies the Earth’s largest aquifer, an underground lake with tributaries of sweet water… over a million years old.

Like the innate knowledge and cultivation of the rivers that flow seen and unseen in deep aquifers and underground streams (the live pulsing veins of the Earth’s aqueous fecundity) finance is an active intuition. It is a discipline, an art that solicits a careful husbandry of resources, coupled with the innate ability to ascertain sources of abundance in unexpected circumstances and the ability to see the complexities and intricacies of both the micro and macro view.

With clients such as Barclays Global Investors, GE Consumer and Commercial Finance, Holocosmos has provided innovative state-of-the-art technological solutions for communicating the flow of finance both within organizations and to key clients.

Specializing in potent, iconic, in-the-moment communication of multi- layer information, we are focused on the unexpected revelation: webs of unique relations that portend fertile harvests.

To this end, Holocosmos is committed to the exploration of the next frontier, the evolution of intuitive, innovative technological solutions that create that delicious “Aha” of creative inspiration.