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From Web Product Design to cartoons to Cars,
our creative team went all out to help MS2 launch its "Accelerate" product at Demo, the Cannes of the technology world.

MS2 is a Silicon Valley software company who produces "Product Lifecycle Automation" software that enables development teams to quickly define, develop and deploy winning products faster. Our team developed an entire spectrum of creative design and branding solutions for MS2 including the look and feel of the Accelerate software itself (in five user-customizable color schemes), a family of characters and illustration used throughout the product and its marketing, web design, collateral design, and even the graphics used to wrap an entire fleet of MS2 promotional vehicles including a Mercedes and a Range Rover.

Creative Director: Brooks Cole
Art Director, Character Illustrator: Ed Sultan
Technical Lead: Bryan Tracey
Programmers: Ken Topp, Mark Watson