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Adelphia : CableFlash Communicator

TAGS: Online Strategy, Digital Marketing, Branding & Identity, User Interface Design, Digital Media Innovation, Media & Entertainment,Technology, Rapid Redesign

Forget the Marketing Stuffed into your Cable Television Bill... CableFlash is a new dynamic marketing application invented by HoloCosmos that lets Cable Providers communicate new channels, VOD and Pay-PerView offerings, tell-a-friend rewards programs, auto-bill pay options and other offers online where customers' attention is increasingly found.

Adelphia CableFlashSnail mail and email are just not working like they used to to communicate with customers. Enter HoloCosmos' NewsFlash Communicator solution, which boasts open rates and interaction sessions 10 to 100 times as effective the old school methods.

Here's a special case of the NewsFlash Communicator we call CABLEFLASH, created for Adelphia Communications Corporation (OTC: ADELQ). CableFlash is a dynamic Flash-based marketing application created by HoloCosmos intended for cable television companies to improve upon the ROI of their customer newsletters by making them direct, animated and interactive. Cable users can do more than just learn about new services, channels and offereings, they can complete the necessary transactions with a simple click.

Other prominent NewsFlash clients include GE Capital, GE Commercial Finance, GE Consumer Finance and Net TV.

Creative Director and Animator: Brooks Cole

Engineer: Bernhard Kotzenberg