H O M E | A B O U T | V I S I O N | W O R K S | T E A M | C O N T A C T

"Watsu" is a mashup between Water and Shiatsu, and this school is the birthplace of the technique that now boasts thousands of practicioners worldwide. Tucked in the hillside of northern California on land shared with Harbin Hot Springs, the School of Shiatsu and Massage at the Watsu Center is made up of a community of therapists and teachers dedicated to creating a holistic and fun learning experience.

When they needed a conscious look and feel to wrap the superb architecture and programming provided by my good friend Peter Tjeerdsma, the Institute tapped HoloCosmos for the buoyant creative.

Whether students are studying land modalities (including Deep Tissue, Thai, Craniosacral, and more) or aquatic bodywork (Watsu, Healing Dance, and Waterdance) they’ll have the opportunity to practice newfound skills, integrate your learnings and connect with others. The Institute's environment and naturally healing hot springs provide the opportunity to bring attention to self reflection, and rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

Project Managers: Angela and Halle Blessing
Creative Director/Designer: Brooks Cole
Architect/Engineer: Peter Tjeerdsma