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Wisdom Mountain inspires, informs, and invites people to help create “wisdom communities.” Wisdom communities are large groups of folks who pay close attention to how they’re getting along with each other as they work toward creating a better life both today and for the seventh generation. The organization seeks to walk its wisdom talk as it hikes along together toward a happy, healthy future for all our great-great-grandkids.

To achieve this mission, Wisdom Mountain tapped HoloCosmos to help build a simple collaborative networking website soon to be co-created by the people in its network communities. Founder Leslie Meehan selected HoloCosmos to architect, design and build the application site, as well as to provide all branding for the site, advertising, media kits, and other support materials.

Wisdom Mountain seeds wisdom community project initiatives and hosts wisdom community healing events. Its primary initiative is a multi-year action research project in collaboration with the California Institute of Integral Studies to discover the best practice stories, processes, & tools in the wisdom community field. Its latest results will soon be available on the online interactive WisdomSpace community trust network and on an interactive upgrade of its site.

Wisdom Mountain is also seeding and connecting an inspirational network of people who practice community healing at the local, regional, and national level. Its pilot healing events have been primarily focused our local San Francisco Bay Area. The organization's focus is now expanding to support healing efforts at the regional and national level, such as the North American Pacific Coastal BioRegion and the Reuniting America project.