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WisdomSpace's strategic mission is to inspire, inform, & invite folks in the American wisdom community movement. Like many others, they believe that there is an urgent need for a collective quantum leap towards wiser and more sustainable ways to live on the planet. One of the most crucial arenas where this shift needs to happen is in our communities.

To achieve this mission, WisdomSpace tapped HoloCosmos to help build a pioneering collaborative networking website literally co-created by the people in its network communities. WisdomSpace selected HoloCosmos to architect, design and build the application site, as well as to provide all branding for the site, advertising, media kits, and other support materials.

· helps leaders find each other & share their wisdom in news, events, forums, directories, the library, & the wisdom community map
· builds collective wisdom about the wisdom community field in our library
· hosts collaboration space for inter-community wisdom projects in our groups and action center
· mentors wisdom community leaders in networking technology services

WisdomSpace is a resource center and networking hub for wisdom community leaders. Wisdom communities are large groups of folks who pay close attention to how they're getting along with each other as they work toward creating a better life both today and for the seventh generation. A leader is anyone who's willing to help their communities become better wisdom communities.

A wisdom community could have a specific social interest like species extinction or prison reform, or it could be strategically stewarding a geographic place such as a city or an island. WisdomSpace is a free non-commercial community resource center to inspire, inform, & invite wisdom community leaders to discover best practice stories, processes, & tools to support their work.

WisdomSpace is also a community networking hub of an emerging wisdom community network. Wisdom Space is different from most existing networks in that we place a strong emphasis on the quality of communication and relationships between network members. More than just a service to connect strangers or provide useful information, Wisdom Space helps to build real community between real people.

WisdomSpace is also different from most online networks in that our online communities are linked to real-world communities. The organization encourages regular face-to-face community gatherings that are also guided by its wisdom community philosophy.